Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Recovery

Recovering data from physically damaged or logically corrupted hard drive disks (HDD),

Personal information, company data, photos, videos, film archives, business correspondences, personal transactions, financial information, PDF files, WhatsApp, Messages, and other confidential digital data - you store all of these on hard drives. However, have you ever thought about the possibility of losing this data someday? Such a risk exists in any digital environment. If you fail to adhere to prevention and backup procedures, the likelihood of data loss increases. Data recovery involves retrieving lost data from physically damaged hard drives or other reasons for data loss. These reasons could include physical damage such as drops, impacts, earthquakes, floods, liquid contact, fire damage, usage in extremely hot or dusty environments, power outages, operating system issues, file deletion, formatting, data corruption, or system restore operations.

If you experience data loss without any apparent reason or intervention, seeking help from experts or professional firms immediately is crucial. Initiating the analysis phase is the beginning of the data recovery process. Remember that the more you use a damaged drive, the higher the risk of permanent data loss. Professional data recovery services often have a higher success rate due to their expertise and specialized tools. With its experienced and skilled personnel, Prozentus successfully conducts data recovery operations in all instances of data loss. Based in Brussels, Prozentus provides services in Belgium and all Europa. Power Off: Switch off your computer or storage device immediately to prevent any further damage. The success of the recovery process relies on the integrity of the data and file structure. Any additional actions on the device may lead to irreversible damage to the data or file structure. Water Damage: AVOID DRYING IT OUT. Drying can initiate corrosion on the media and exacerbate data loss. Place the hard drive in a hermetically sealed zip lock bag and promptly send it to an Prozentus office for professional hard drive data recovery services. Strange Noises: Power down your device. If your hard drive is emitting unusual clicking or grinding sounds, it may indicate a head crash, potentially causing incorrect data reading. Continuous operation in such a state can result in permanent, irreparable damage to your files. Reformatted or Deleted Files: Whether it's an unintentional deletion or your files seem to have disappeared, our DIY data recovery software could be the solution. Try a free trial of the software to view recoverable files. If the files you need are recoverable, simply purchase the full license to download the data.

  • Power Off
  • Water Damage
  • Strange Noises
  • Reformatted or Deleted Files


Top Working Process

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Determining Drive Type

We begin our data recovery work by determining the type of media the data is stored. Based on the data carrier, we use appropriate tools to begin examining the media.



Once the media is connected to our systems, we run diagnostic tests and examine the problem with the operating system, file system, memory module(s), and other issues.


Preliminary Report

A preliminary report is prepared regarding the nature of our diagnosis. In this report we tell our customers what needs to be done, in how much time and at what cost.


Contacting customer

We will contact our customer(s) and inform them about our preliminary findings and share with them our diagnosis report. If the customer(s) agrees, we begin working on the media.


Recovering Data

Using the latest data recovery tools and techniques, we will retrieve your data and copy it to a clean hard drive, a USB flash drive or to cloud, based on the amount of data to be saved.


Delivering Data

As soon as the data is saved, we deliver the memory module to the customer in person, via mail, or online, depending on the customer(s)’s choice. We only charge our customers if the data is successfully restored.

Free diagnosis, no data no fees!