Memory Card Data Recovery

Memory Card Data Recovery

In today's world, USB flash drives and SD cards stand out as practical storage devices. They are easy to carry, small-sized, and offer considerably ample storage space, hence their frequent usage in digital devices. Photos taken by mobile phones, smartphones, cameras, camcorders, and tablets are saved, transported, and transferred using these cards. They are practical as they can be easily written over and quickly reused after deletion.

However, there is a relatively high probability of unwanted damage due to carelessness. These devices are prone to malfunction when misused because of the excessive reliance placed on them. Data loss on USB Flash Memory or SD cards is a commonly encountered problem, especially when backups are neglected or postponed. At Prozentus, through our high-tech laboratory, we can successfully recover data from all USB flash drives, microSD, PC Cards, PCMCIA, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Miniature Cards, Multimedia Cards, and similar types of SD cards.

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Top Working Process

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Determining Drive Type

We begin our data recovery work by determining the type of media the data is stored. Based on the data carrier, we use appropriate tools to begin examining the media.



Once the media is connected to our systems, we run diagnostic tests and examine the problem with the operating system, file system, memory module(s), and other issues.


Preliminary Report

A preliminary report is prepared regarding the nature of our diagnosis. In this report we tell our customers what needs to be done, in how much time and at what cost.


Contacting customer

We will contact our customer(s) and inform them about our preliminary findings and share with them our diagnosis report. If the customer(s) agrees, we begin working on the media.


Recovering Data

Using the latest data recovery tools and techniques, we will retrieve your data and copy it to a clean hard drive, a USB flash drive or to cloud, based on the amount of data to be saved.


Delivering Data

As soon as the data is saved, we deliver the memory module to the customer in person, via mail, or online, depending on the customer(s)’s choice. We only charge our customers if the data is successfully restored.

Free diagnosis, no data no fees!